Licensing and Permits

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Food Vendors and Merchant Vendors are required to provide all necessary permits required by the City of Wichita as well as the State of Kansas.  Copies of these documents will be required by Wichita Pride, Inc to be on hand at all times.

All booths selling goods of any kind, including those holding non-profit status, will be required to contact Wichita Pride, Inc with their company name and then apply for a Transient Merchant License (TML).

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Transient Merchant Licenses must be submitted one week (5 business days) or more before the date of the event and include a fee that is non-refundable to the City of Wichita.

TML applications require a copy of a current Sales Tax License or Proof of Exemption.  No vendor may offer items for sale who does not have a TML.

Food Vendor staff will be required to have a food handler’s card.  Food Booths will be required to have proof of their Environmental Health Department licensing, or a temporary Street And Sidewalk Vendor License.

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Rules & Regulations

1) City Ordinance does NOT allow smoking inside any park or facility.

2) The reserved park or facility may not be used for any purposes other than the purpose that is described on the special event application and/or rental agreement.  Wichita Pride, Inc. will be held responsible and may ask the attend(ees) to leave.

3) Wichita Pride, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items left by guests, workers, employees, or representatives.

4) Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements limit “service animals” to only dogs or ponies specially trained for a specific physical function.  ‘Therapy’ animals, or animals other than dogs or ponies, that do not perform a specified physical action of service are not recognized and will not be allowed on the grounds.

5) Lighted candles and/or incense are not allowed in or on park grounds or in facilities.

6) All accidents must be reported to Wichita Pride, Inc. or facility staff so that appropriate action may be taken.  W.P.I. is not responsible for accidents unreported at the time of the incident.

7) Collecting money, donations, selling concessions, services, or products may only take place with appropriate City of Wichita Licenses.

8) Vehicles are allowed only in designated parking lots or on streets near the event sites.  Vehicles are prohibited on sidewalks, bikeways, and grass surfaces.

9) Moonwalks and inflatables must have a permit to be placed and must be rented through a vendor that is licensed and approved through the Office of Central Inspection.

10) Site staff will not be available for cleaning or maintenance of individuals or group booths or spaces.

11) Vagrants exist.  Contact Wichita Pride, Inc. staff for complaints, individual attendees are not permitted to remove other individuals from the site.

12) ALL ground markings must be made with chalk.

13) If the reserved area is found “as good or better” following event, deposits are refunded.  Damage to any property will result in the loss of the deposit to the organizer.