Meeting Notes Annual Meeting 14

Meeting Notes Annual Meeting 14

Wichita Pride Inc. Annual Meeting 2014

  1. Commencement @ 7:03pm
  2. Attendance
    1. Attending: Chuck S, David M, Ben B, Renee P, Martin S, Lee J, Karen H, William H, James A, Jim M, Pat M, John R, Kyle A, Rollin D
    2. Excused
    3. Returning: Junior S
  3. Proxy Ballots Submitted
  4. Open Session
    1. Guests: Dwayne H, Justin S
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
      1. Legal Wedding Ceremony was a success!!!
    3. Previous Minutes

Motion to approve previous minutes made by David second By Renee passes

  1. Reading of the Meeting Purpose (Requirement of KSA section 17)
    1. Mentioned and glanced over
    2. Links will be provided
  2. Yearly Report of the Treasurer
    1. Ended 4,000 dollars in the bank
      1. Made over 1,000 dollars as opposed to 2013 Pride net
      2. Everything is paid
  • 501c3 is filed
  1. Will be submitting a written report at a later date

Motion to approve yearly Treasurer report Made by Pat second By Renee passes

  1. Standing Reports
    1. President
      1. Talking with Donna Sweet
      2. Talking with Dirty Dorothy
  • Will be working on paperwork for the city
  1. Vice President
    1. Nothing new to report
  2. Treasurer
    1. Do not have available dates for the overflow dinner
      1. Church will supply meat, we supply everything else
      2. Do not want repeats from previous groups
      3. Plan on feeding around 95 people
      4. Need to choose a few dates
        1. December 10th or 12th
        2. Setting menu for either Chicken Noodle Soup or Sloppy Joes
      5. Entertainment
        1. Nothing new to report
        2. Will be receiving a money order for 100 dollars, need to be watching for that
          1. For hats, gloves, and blankets
  • December Lord Diner Handout
    1. December 14th is the date
    2. Date for January is the 18th
  1. Communication
    1. Buffalo Wild Wings did very well, we are invited back to do another fundraiser
      1. Will probably be about 6 weeks till we see the money
    2. Lord Diner outreach was a big success
      1. Need to discuss getting other groups involved
  • Contacted by the Eagle for Pride, gave dates for September 19th and 20th, all other dates TBA
  1. Site Manger
    1. Revising the tri-fold
    2. Still trying to pin down Bitchy Bingo for January 22nd
  2. Webmaster
    1. Average page views up from 10 per day to 12
    2. New visits as well as returning both increased overall
  • Number of available informational pages increased by 30% overall
  1. Artwork per page increased
  2. Accessing from search engines increased, Google prominent
  3. Accessing from Facebook increased significantly
  • Facebook feed on website corrected and functioning
  • Service moved to new server and code updated
  1. Previous coding errors left over from previous servers resolved
  2. Remaining email issues reported resolved, service transfer complete and functional
  1. Final Nominations
    1. No new nominations
  2. Tom Witt of Equality Kansas and Nolan C of WOOLF have been requested by a majority of the Board of Directors to conduct the Election
    1. Elections
      1. Questions asked
      2. Nominations Closed
  • New Members elected
  1. Recognition of New Board Members
    1. Martin wins Vice President
  2. New Business
    1. Liberty Press
      1. Have theme suggestions by December 8th and artwork submissions by February 2nd
      2. Amazon Smile needs to be in the Ad
  • Meeting times since they have changed

Motion to print a quarter page black and white ad in the December Liberty Press with notice of meeting times, theme and artwork deadlines, and amazon smile information made by Pat second by Chuck passes

  1. Close @ 8:30pm

Election Process

  1. The duties of the Board of Directors will be read
  2. The Director Position to be voted upon will be announced
    1. Duties of the Position will be read
    2. Names of the Candidates will be read
  3. Each Nominee will give a short statement of no more than 2 minutes
    1. Each Member in Good Standing may ask a question to each candidate
      1. Candidate will be given a total of 5 minutes to respond
    2. Ballots will be cast and collected by a non-voting party
    3. Board Positions available and their nominees
      1. Vice President:
        1. Martin-14
        2. Lee-8
      2. Treasurer
        1. Pat

I move the nominations be closed, the ballot rules suspended, and Pat Munz be elected by acclamation made by Evan Second by Renee Passes

  1. Site Manager
    1. Chuck

I move the nominations be closed, the ballot rules be suspended, and Chuck Spady be elected by acclamation made by Evan Second by Lee Passes


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