Meeting Notes 9 Mar 15

Meeting Notes 9 Mar 15

WPI March 9th 2015 Minutes

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:02pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Sherry O, Rollin D, Wendy B, Evan S, Martin W, Pat M, Karen H, Lester S, CJ T, Lee J, Junior S, Jim M, Dennis P, Thomas W, William H
    2. Excused: Chuck S, David M, John R, James A
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Non-Agenda Issues
      1. Bylaws Committee
        1. Provision for membership discussed, maintain requirement that applications need to be maintained. Will now be doing membership applications from this point forward

Motion to suspend article 2 section 2 paragraph 1 sub A made by Evan second by Martin passes

  1. Communications
    1. Discussed what is being considered to find a new Communications Director following David’s resignation
  • Jennifer Winn
    1. Mayoral candidate addressed us. However everyone must understand that if we are to invite someone to speak we must invite EVERYONE
  1. Guests
  1. Previous Minutes
    1. Sherry Oaks needs to be listed of excused
    2. Section E number 2, should read will be looking into having turkey patties

Motion to approve Previous Minutes as corrected made by Rollin second by Junior

  1. Old Business
    1. Stage
      1. Have a copy of the title from Don Eaton, scanned it in to the insurance so that it can be approved
      2. Will be writing the check before he leaves for a job in Chicago
    2. June Wedding
      1. Have contacted Jackie to get ahold of the other ministers to perform the ceremony
        1. Name of the group is the Clergy for Equality meeting this Thursday
      2. Need to start contacting people for decorations, food, etc for the event
  • Need to look at creating a budget
    1. What are we putting into it vs what are we making off of it. Talked to couples about charging a fee for the couples to participate
    2. Need to discuss a sound system
  1. Pride Guide
    1. Need to get estimations of what printing will cost
    2. Need to talk about how many we need to print
      1. Will get quotes for 1,500 and 2,000
      2. Will see if we can do some kind of trade out for printing if we give then a Pride Guide
  • Need to start contacting people about articles
    1. Contacted Elle Boatman for Trans Advocacy
    2. Contact Jackie Carter about the church/advocacy now
    3. Dennis will be doing an article
  1. Balance Report
    1. 2,750 after permit is paid for the parade
      1. Will be paying the face painter for 75
    2. Reports
      1. President
        1. Parade Permit is filed
        2. Talking to Connie about how to file the city paperwork
      2. Vice President
        1. Went to Club Rain about the Pageant and will be talking to Alan on Thursday about holding it there.
        2. Will be touching base with all the equipment needed for Pride Fest
  • June 27th is Hutch Pride
    1. Parade starts at 10am, activities start at noon, gala starts at 6, and dance starts at midnight.
  1. Spoke with Cargill, they will be doing a Gold Sponsorship with the Family Picnic and the Kid Zone at the festival
    1. Spoke with the Annex Lounge about what they are wanting to sponsor, and will be contacting the Gayly about what they are wanting to do for Pride 2015
  2. Treasurer
    1. Have been asked to get ahold of John Powell to work on what needs to be done for their Parade
    2. Started conversation with Russell about the sound system for Pride 2015
  • Attended GLSEN meeting for the Day of Silence
    1. Will be on April 16th from 4:30 to 6:30pm
    2. Tom was to have rented Nzathger Park by today
    3. Looking at getting all the groups together for this event

Motion that Wichita Pride Inc. participate in National Day of Silence with GLSEN made by Pat second by William

  1. Entertainment
    1. Nothing new to report
  2. Communications
    1. Nothing new to report
  3. Site Manager
    1. Rain is looking at sponsoring the Party Bus
  4. Webmaster
    1. Nothing new to report
    2. Need to look into
      1. Notes
      2. Domain names
      3. And dates
    3. New Business
      1. Square
        1. Would be beneficial to look into getting a Square so that we can take debit and credit cards
        2. Needs to see who can set up an ATM
  • Need to see if they can connect multiple readers to one account
  1. Also look into getting credit card machines
  1. New Events
    1. First United Methodist Church does homeless outreach. They do a feed and give out clothes
    2. Every other Saturday next to the YMCA the Cup of Water ministries gives out clothing and food.
  2. Bitchy Bingo
    1. Need to start looking for prizes.
  3. Announcements
    1. Aids Walk is April 19th at 6pm
    2. Working on promoting a group cruise as a fundraiser for Pride
  4. Close @ 9:08pm
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