Meeting Notes 6 Oct 14

Meeting Notes 6 Oct 14

WPI October 6th Minutes

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:02
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: E van S, Renee P, Martin W, Lasonvia H, Chelle B, Michael J, Rose J, CJ T, William H, Patrick M, Karen H, Lee J, Rollin D, David M, Steven E
    2. Excused: Chuck S, Jim M
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests:
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes

Motion to approve previous minutes made by Renee second by Pat Passes

  1. Old Business
    1. MAAIC
      1. Got the Damage Deposit back
      2. Indian Center is booked clear through the last Sunday in September with the exception of the last weekend in August
    2. Wrap Up 2014
    3. Volunteer Party
      1. Lee will be planning the Party
    4. Balance Report
      1. Still projecting 4,000+ for the end of Pride 2014 balance when all is said and done
      2. 300 dollar damage deposit back from the Indian Center
    5. Reports
      1. President
        1. Nothing New at this time
      2. Vice President
        1. Nothing new to report at this time
      3. Treasurer
        1. Stopped by Riverside Hair Station and we have our Banner Back
        2. Things for next year
          1. Need to do something for a Grand Marshall
        3. Entertainment
          1. Nothing New to report
        4. Communications
          1. Going thru and condensing all the contacts and vendors that have been dealt with for future Communications
          2. Wednesday there will be a meeting with Cargill at Renee’s house to discuss involvement for Pride 2015
        5. Site Manager
          1. Nothing new to report
        6. Webmaster
          1. Nothing new to report
        7. New Business
          1. Pride 2015
            1. Location
              1. Expo Hall/Century Two
              2. Exploration Place
              3. Botanical Gardens
              4. West Bank Stage
              5. Cow Town
            2. Events
              1. Need to Keep Wigstock
              2. Drag Night was a success
              3. Mr and Miss Pride with some revamp
                1. Need to look at how to run the Pageant
                2. Do they need to be Drag Kings and Queens?
              4. Cosmic Bowling
                1. Turn out, do we need to move it to the afternoon
              5. Movie Night
                1. Does it need to be put back on the table?
              6. Family Picnic
                1. Attendance was poor. Was the same day as the Walnut Valley Festival?
              7. Block Party and Pride Fest
                1. Attendance was the same, will discuss once we have a venue
  • Pride Guide
    1. Needs to be completely revamped
  1. Federal Decision
    1. If Equal Marriage Passes then Pride will do something for Pride 2015
  2. Bylaws
    1. Thomas Witt presented the New Bylaws for the Steering Committee and Board of Directors
  3. Renee Resignation
    1. Renee Resigns
    2. Steering Committee did not call for a Mid Term Election, Board takes up the election

Motion to Make Rollin temporary Communications Director made by Lee second by Evan Passes

Motion to place new Bylaws Amendments on the Agenda 4 Meetings from tonight to be voted upon made by Lee second by Martin Passes

  1. Announcements
    1. ArtAID is Friday at the Cotillion
  2. Close @ 8:54pm
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