Meeting Notes 4 May 15

Meeting Notes 4 May 15

WPI May 4, 2015 Minutes

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:05pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Evan S, Pat M, CJ T, Karen H, John R, James A, LeAndra D, Martin W, Chuck S, William H, Brendan P, Wendy B, Rollin D
    2. Excused: Lee J, Jim M, Sherry O
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes
    1. Add Lee and Wendy to excused
    2. New Business Go Fund Me 1,2,3,4 need dollar signs
    3. Under Throwback needs to read tables’

Motion to approve previous minutes with corrections made by Evan Second Martin passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Bitchy Bingo
      1. Made $1,069 dollars
      2. Spent $140.78 for gag gifts which has been reimbursed
  • $85.00 for grand prize
  1. Cleared $800.00 dollars for Grand Prize
  2. Look at doing another Bitchy Bingo on July 30th
  1. Restaurant Fundraiser
    1. Looking at July 10th or 17th for another On the Border
  2. Pride Guide
    1. Paper from storage will not be able to be used by Valley Center due to a higher cost.
    2. See if we can give them the paper and use that as credit against the Pride Guide
  3. Balance Report
    1. 2,484 dollars in the bank after Bitchy Bingo
      1. PO Box is paid
      2. Storage, rent, reimbursement, OJ Watson, and Linwood Park are already withdrawn from the account.
    2. June Wedding
      1. Will be held at Linwood Park, must be filed as a Special Permit for an Event
        1. Will be clarifying the need for portable toilets
        2. President will need to email O’Brien about crowd control
  • Not limited to same sex couples
  1. President needs to talk to Jackie Carter about how the reception is going to run
  1. Décor
    1. Need to get ahold of Jennifer Winn for decorations
  2. Time
    1. Looking at starting the wedding at 4pm and holding the reception immediately after
  3. Music
    1. Will be needing a PA system for people to make their speeches and for the ceremony
    2. Do we need live music to play the Wedding March and for the beginning of the ceremony
  4. Charge for Participation
    1. Look at charging a 25 dollar registration fee for the couples to attend
    2. Limit the availability to 25 couples
  • Everything but the vows will be in mass
  1. Reception
    1. Need to get ahold of Club Boomerang
    2. Need to contact Ben Breese and Curtis Isley to see if they would be will to make a wedding cake
  2. New Business
  3. Announcements
    1. Bears Bitchy Bingo on May 28th at Rain
  4. Close @ 8:30pm


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