Meeting Notes 30 Mar 15

Meeting Notes 30 Mar 15

WPI March 30th 2015 Agenda

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:07pm

The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS

  1. Steering Committee Meeting
  1. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Martin W, William H, John R, James A, Joshua P, Brad T, Rollin D, CJ T, Deborah O, Rhonda L, Patrick M, Sherry O, Chuck S
    2. Excused: Junior S, Karen H, Lee J
    3. Unknown
  2. Open Session
    1. Guests
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
      1. Study at WSU for Community Psychology
        1. Wanting to give out surveys to the LGBTQ community in Wichita to determine is threat stereotypes are a factor in getting health care
      2. Club Boomerang
        1. New home for Drag and Dance Floor
        2. May be able to be a venue for indoor events
        3. Target opening date will be the 3rd weekend of May
        4. Considering hosting the Drag Night at Boomerang
      3. Previous Minutes
        1. Need to include who attended
        2. June Wedding should be to contact not get ahold of
        3. Under Treasurer needs to state asked to contact Jon Powell
        4. Listed as Excused not of excused
        5. Old needs to read scanned in and sent to the insurance company
        6. Pride Guide C needs to read estimates
        7. Needs to read if we can do a trade out
        8. Will be paying the face painter a deposit of 75 dollars
        9. Will be touching base with all the equipment vendors
        10. Square Reader

Motion to accept the Previous Minutes as corrected made by Evan second by John passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Fundraisers
      1. Bitchy Bingo
        1. April 30th at Rain
        2. Printed into the Liberty Press with our new Logo
        3. Austin has informed Pride that if we want to do a Bitchy Bingo every month we can schedule ourselves
        4. Look at getting a dinner for two donated or a barbeque grill
          1. Scotch and Sirloin, All Things Barbeque, AVI Grill, Piccadilly
        5. Adina will be hosting
      2. Chipotle/Restaurant
        1. Looking at the 1st or 2nd week of May for Chipotle Fundraiser
        2. Look at Panera Bread and On The Border
  • Square
    1. Need to contact them about multiple card readers for one account
  1. Other Events
  1. Pride Guide
    1. Contact is Billy at Offset Valley Press
    2. Looking at estimates for both 36 pages and 40 pages
      1. Look at seeing if we can use the leftover paper from last year to see if there is any way to use it.
  • Distribution
    1. We need to look at where these need to be placed
      1. Look at getting the Pride Guide into West Wichita
      2. Presto, Riverside Café, Riverside Hair Station, Our Coffee House, Kades, Doo Dahs
    2. Balance Report
      1. Trailer is paid, Parade Permit is paid, Phone and Face Painter are paid for
      2. Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser made 71.70
      3. 2,182 dollars in the bank
    3. Reports
      1. President
        1. Contacted both Salina and Hutch Pride organizations see if they would be interested in a vendor booth
          1. Also reached out to Hutch to see if there was anything that Wichita Pride could do in order to get Hutch Pride up and running for 2016
        2. Vice President
          1. Spoke with Austin about Rain and the logistics of Pride Pageant
          2. Adina will Emcee Bitchy Bingo and the Block Party on September 19th
  • Spoke to Matt from Cargill, they are doing a Gold Package
    1. Wanting to sponsor the Block Party and the Family Picnic
    2. Will be providing the Turkey Burgers, they will be providing meat so we must provide Charcoal and Buns
    3. LGBTQ leadership committee is reaching out to their sponsors to see if we can get connected to them. They will also be coming down to our Pride
      1. In talks with Target, West Star, and GE to sponsor our Pride
    4. Spoke to Spectrum at WSU to see what they want to do for Pride
  1. Treasurer
    1. Day of Silence is now at A Price Woodard Park on April 16th
      1. Pride will be having an information table
    2. Now have a stage, will stay in its storage for now, will be coordinating with Don to get the stage done
  • Still have no quote for Insurance
  1. Need to talk with Tom Witt and Sargent O’Brien about the parade route and Seneca needing to be shut down.
  2. Proposition for gay comedians to come to the Orpheum and might be able to include Pride
    1. Need information on cost, venue, etc
  3. Will be contacting Wichita Now
  1. Entertainment
    1. Nothing new to report
  2. Communications
    1. Nothing new to report
  3. Site Manager
    1. Talked to Seneca Bowl for the Bowling Party, will have the same cost as last year
      1. They will also be putting an ad in the Pride Guide
    2. Water Walk Hotel will be doing an Ad
      1. Apartments are also considering doing an Ad
  • Life Atlanta
    1. Wanting to know if we would like to swap Ads in our respective publications

Motion to swap Ads with the Life of Atlanta in our respective publications for promotion purposes as long as the Ads are the same size made by Chuck second by Martin Passes

  1. Webmaster
    1. Nothing new to report
  2. New Business
    1. AIDS Walk
      1. April 19th at 6pm and will be meeting at Positive Directions
        1. Will be walking about 1 mile
      2. Pride needs to have a presence
    2. Announcements
      1. 34th annual William Inde Festival April 17th thru 19th in Independence
      2. Bears Twisted Bitches April 9th at Rain
        1. HOAMC April 16th
        2. WASAC April 23rd
      3. Gay Prom is April 11th
      4. Drag Yourself to Brunch April 12th
    3. Close @ 9:34pm
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