Meeting Notes 3 Nov 14

Meeting Notes 3 Nov 14

WPI November 3rd 2014 Minutes

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:00pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Chuck S, Lee J, Karen H, Martin W, Renee P, John R, Pat M, David M, Junior S, William H, Jim M, Rollin D
    2. Excused: Mike, Rose
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests: James A, Debra H, Sherry O
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes
    1. Old Business Cargill Is misspelled
    2. Graylen is misspelled

Motion to move Previous Minutes as corrected made by David second by Martin Passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Fundraisers/Contributions
      1. Delta Dental has been contacted, have both adult and kids toothbrushes to give
        1. Have contacted hotels to get toothpaste and they have all said no
        2. Contact other dentists and Small Smiles
      2. Clothing Collection
        1. Collecting coats and gently used clothes to hand out to the Homeless
  • Buffalo Wild Wings has been booked for November 15th
    1. Will be Open to Close that we will be receiving money for that entire time
    2. Cannot Pass out coupons on the property
    3. North Rock Location
  1. Beauty and the Beast Show
    1. In discussion about how this is going to run
    2. Will also double as a donation to MCC Food Bank
  2. Will be looking into a Scavenger Hunt
  3. Newlyweds Game should be done around Valentine’s Day
  1. Bylaws
    1. Motion to vote upon the new Bylaws as presented by the Bylaws Committee made by Renee second by Pat Passes
  2. Food Vendors
    1. Passage to India will be back next year
    2. Contact Schlotzkys
  • David is in contact with a BBQ person Big Bs BBQ
  1. Balance Report
    1. Storage unit has been paid
    2. Paid the Pride Email Provider
  2. Reports
    1. President
      1. Sent a formal letter to Donna Sweet to be Pride 2015 Grand Marshall
    2. Vice President
      1. Nothing new to report
    3. Treasurer
      1. Meeting with Project Independence
        1. Attended, there was no business passed but they have expressed being a vendor
        2. Will be visiting with the staff person first before we start talking about what we need to do to get them on board
      2. Entertainment
        1. Nothing new to report
      3. Communication
        1. Sent an Email to Verizon, have had no response as of yet
      4. Site Manager
        1. Rough Draft for sponsorship packet is done, will have them done for next meeting
        2. Will be talking to Alan about Bitchy Bingo for December
      5. Webmaster
    4. New Business
      1. Nominations
        1. Pat nominated Treasurer
        2. Martin and Lee for Vice President
  • Chuck nominated for Site Manager
  1. Pricing For 2015

Motion to make 2015 Parade prices will be priced at the before 7/1/2014 rates, and that ad prices will be set at after 5/1/2014 rates made by Pat second by David passes

  1. Announcements
    1. Voting November 4th for Mid Term Elections
    2. Need to help Chuck with Transplant Fundraising
    3. Bitchy Bingo November 13th
    4. World AIDS Day December 1st will be getting info at the next meeting
  2. Close @ 9:18pm
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