Meeting Notes 10 Nov 14

Meeting Notes 10 Nov 14

WPI November 10th 2014 Minutes

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:03pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance
    2. Excused: Renee P, Lee J, Karen H
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests: Kyle A
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes

Motion to approve previous minutes as corrected Made by David Second by Evan Passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Fundraisers/Contributions
      1. Clothing Drive
        1. Have received articles of clothing, shampoo, soap, toiletry packets
        2. Have got an offer to pick up clothing, anything not usable can go to Helping Hands to recycle the clothes
        3. James Abbott making blankets for the events
        4. Will be meeting with the Lords Diner tomorrow for Dinner Service on November 16th
      2. Buffalo Wild Wings
        1. You can show your coupon on any electronic device that you have
        2. If you do not have a ticket you can also mention it and it will be accepted
        3. Will be done from 11am to 1am
        4. Will be creating a Facebook Post so it needs to be shared
      3. Food Vendors
        1. Will be meeting with Big Bs within the week
        2. Lucianos will be called this week
  • Public at the Brick Yard
  1. Dog N Shake also needs to be contacted
  2. Quiznos needs to be looked into
  1. Balance Report
    1. 501c3 has been filed
    2. Paid the Liberty Press
  2. Reports
    1. President
      1. In talks with Donna Sweet to be Grand Marshall
      2. Talking with Connie Clark about getting all the paperwork and licensing done
    2. Vice President
      1. Nothing New To Report
    3. Treasurer
      1. Will be Checking on year round Insurance, check on provisions for special writers for special events
      2. Will be meeting with Project Independence before their next board meeting
    4. Entertainment
      1. Nothing New To Report
    5. Communication
      1. Covered under Old and New Business
    6. Site Manager
      1. Sponsorship tri-fold is done pending a couple of corrections
      2. Tentative Bitchy Bingo on January 22nd
    7. Webmaster
      1. Nothing New To Report
    8. New Business
      1. Nominations
      2. Overflow Shelter Meals
        1. MCC has December 1st thru the 14th for Breakfast and Dinner
        2. Does Pride want to do a meal for the Overflow Shelter
  • They do still allow for people to pass out clothing and blankets
  1. NSF Check
    1. Have not contacted the Phoenix Rising Ventures to collect money
      1. Will be sending returned receipt
      2. If there is no response then we can take it to Small Claims
    2. Announcements
      1. Bitchy Bingo this Thursday for Wichita Bears at Rain
        1. 20 dollars to play, Mama will be hosting
      2. Deck the Halls for Heart of American Men’s Chorus on November 15th @ 7pm at Ennis Station
      3. Worlds AIDS Day December 1st at the Garvey Center @ 5:30pm

Motion that after the Annual Meeting we go back to bi-weekly meetings starting December 8th made by Pat second by David passes

  1. Close @ 8:30pm
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