WPI 4 August 2014

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:03pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Evan S, Pat M, Renee P, Chuck S, Jim M, Chris T, Karen H, Chelle B, Dallas F, Lee J, Brenda L, Rollin D
    2. Excused: Martin W, Junior S
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests: Kyle A
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
      1. Mimi Van Horn passing, there was no money towards the cremation; they raised more than enough money. Will be informed if anything comes up.
      2. New Wichita Pride Banner price quotes for 81, 106, and 90 dollars respectively, the cheapest being City Blue
  • Photographer for Block Party and Pride Fest, will photograph those for 325 for both events
  1. Previous Minutes
    1. Balance Report C must read 833.40
    2. Under Treasurer 4 it is not start at Annex Lounge, should be first stop at Annex Lounge
    3. Chris T must be listed as excused

Motion to approve Previous Minutes as approved made by Pat second by Lee passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Memorials
      1. Need to start thinking of names to put in the Memorium Page
    2. Pride Guide
      1. Have the Cover completed
      2. Continuing to work on all typos and corrections.
    3. Skate Party
      1. Changed the time for the party from 1 to 4 to 2 to 4
    4. Balance Report
      1. 4,271.44 plus 250 from Wellington place
        1. Will be spending 933.40 for T-Shirts and Liberty Press bill
      2. Reports
        1. President
          1. SCHC/MAAIC
            1. Will be coordinating with Nolan to get whatever the SCHC needs to nail down the Buffalo Room and vendors
            2. Need to modify contract to include the Buffalo Room for Sunday Only
          2. Vice President
            1. Crown and Sash for the pageant are in
            2. Posters for the pageant are done
  • T-Shirts are underway
  1. Still looking for Volunteers
  2. Clarification on the sound system
    1. Reason Russell is asking for money to “pay” the DJ is that we are paying for a technician not a DJ
  3. Treasurer
    1. AARP
      1. Called Janet Clearwater today for anything concerning the Memorandum of Understanding
    2. Amazon Smile
      1. Have not received anything back on this yet
  • Photographer being wrapped up
  1. Sound System contract being wrapped up and made to sign
  2. Party Bus
    1. Still have not heard if Charles will do it
    2. Starting at 9pm and must start at Annex Lounge and be there for an hour
    3. The Store has said we can stop there
    4. Contract needs to be taken care of
  3. Cleared to have the table for Pride at the pageant on the 13th
  1. Entertainment
    1. Still missing Adina Ronee, Ivory James, Sierra Cross, Renee Popovich, Parker bios for the Pride Guide
    2. Been updating Facebook with all the events
  • Created Cosmic Bowling, Family Picnic, and Skating Party events on Facebook
    1. Having problems inviting everyone, can only invite 1,400 people per event
  1. Contract for Face Painter aka Just Face It is drawn up, payment due no later than 5 days prior to the event
  2. Looking at putting the Kids Area outdoors
  3. Will be getting the schedule nailed down
  1. Communications
    1. Looking at compiling a list of vendor emails for last year including links to TML license
    2. Looking at doing a pride board picture next week
  • Will be ordering the Banner from City Blue
  1. Site Manager
    1. Getting the Pride Guide done
    2. Talked to Wellington place, they are excited to sponsor part of the block party
  2. Webmaster
    1. Waiting for sponsorship update
    2. Will be putting all the Pride Information onto the Home Page
  • Numbers are down from last week
    1. Most are new
    2. Quarter of the numbers are from referrals aka Facebook, Twitter, etc
  1. Starting to search for specific events
  2. Links to GoWichita are up
  1. New Business
  2. Announcements
    1. August 16th is the Prime Timers 15th anniversary
  3. Close @ 9:07pm