Meeting Minutes 28 Jul 14

Meeting Minutes 28 Jul 14

WPI 28 July 2014

  1. Convene
    1. Open @ 7:07pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Pat M, Evan S, Rollin D, Dallas F, Chelle B, Martin W, Renee P, Chuck S, Lee J
    2. Excused: Junior S, Chris T
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes
    1. Under Vice President needs to be 75 each
    2. Under treasurer conformation needs to be spelled correctly
    3. Under communications 6 it should read running Twitter not “the twitter”

Motion to approve previous minutes as corrected made by pat second by lee passes

  1. Old Business
    1. GALA
      1. All agreed that Wichita Pride is not going to do another GALA awards
      2. Both Nolan and Jamie Ray Downes have both approached this organization about doing the awards

Motion that Wichita Pride send out request to interested parties who want GALA to give us written proposals to move this event to said interested party made by Pat second by Lee passes

  1. Drag Night/Movie Fundraisers
    1. Drag Night has been approved by Kelly Little to do after the Block Party, still need details as far as a cover charge, etc
    2. Movie Night/Pool Party contact must be made to Kelly Hoffman and get these details nailed down
  2. Balance Report
    1. Crown and Sash Purchase for 124.95 combined
    2. 2,826.44 in the bank
    3. Put the T-shirt order together for 7 dozen shirts including kids shirts for 843 dollars
    4. Cargills check should be coming this week
  3. Reports
    1. President
      1. State Farm
        1. State Farm will be at the Parade and will have a vendor booth but will NOT be sponsoring any event
      2. Expose
        1. Received a confirmation that it is okay to post written article from Kristi
  • Invoice for SCHC
    1. Sent email with an Invoice to Renee with prices for both days and totals for both days
  1. Vice President
    1. Crown and Sash are ordered
    2. T-Shirts are underway
  • Still setting up a volunteer meeting
  1. Treasurer
    1. Have a confirmation that Kelly Little is okay with the times for the skate party
    2. Mudwrestling
      1. Approved for the 17th of September at 8pm
      2. Will need volunteers to clean everything up that night
      3. Still need to find out what the charge will be
  • Have been given an opportunity to have a table at the Miss Kansas USA pageant September 13th
  1. Party Bus: invitation has been extended for Charles to be the Host of the Party Bus
    1. Start at Annex Lounge, will be provided at appetizers
    2. Must go to Rain early
    3. Need to Hit Fantasy while the drag show is going on
    4. Coordinate with Kirby’s for live entertainment
    5. Will be going to The Store to see if the Party Bus can stop there
  2. Sound System
    1. Will be 400 for the rental of the equipment and 200 dollars to run it for the events for a grand total of 600 dollars

Motion to accept Russell Taylor’s quote of 600 dollars for sound equipment and someone to operate it, for September 27th and 28th. It will be Russell’s responsibility to both set up and tear down the equipment for both days, and find someone to run the equipment. Sound equipment must be removed on Sunday September 28th by 8 o’clock pm made by Pat second by Lee passes.

  1. Amazon Smile
    1. Advertising Amazon Smile: until we get notification that we can promote Amazon Smile we must pull all advertising until we are approved
  • AARP
    1. Need to contact and get a Memorandum of Understanding



  1. Entertainment
    1. Been getting Bios for all the performers, still missing five bios
    2. Will be looking at volunteers for the kids area
  2. Communications
    1. Heard back from Papa Johns, will not be getting them
    2. Got a check for 360.00 from Annex Lounge, will be first on the stop, will not be co-sponsoring the Block Party
  • No reply from Chilis on a fundraiser
  1. Will be getting the rally on GoWichita, need to talk to Thomas Witt
  2. No response from the YMCA
  3. Amy Draught from Wichita Now, gave dates and information about Pride
  • Stopped by Up N Smoke, will be giving the information to the owners about Pride
  • Ad for Liberty Press in for the pageant
  1. Site Manager
    1. Need to talk to Wellington Place for Ad approval
    2. Still compiling the Pride Guide
  2. Webmaster
  1. New Business
    1. Star Spangled Banner
      1. Need to Talk to Thomas Witt about who is singing and opening it
    2. Memorials
      1. Tribute to those who have passed at Pride
      2. Will not be listing names, will just be a general memorial/moment of silence
    3. Dressing Rooms
      1. Will have mirrors for the drag queens to get ready
    4. Pride Banner
      1. Need to get a new banner since we cannot get the old banner back from Sidestreets, need to get quotes for a new banner that is waterproof
    5. Buttons
      1. Working on getting gift certificates and incentives for those who sell the most amount of buttons
      2. Looking at doing a Silent Auction during the pageant or during the Festival
  • Chelle Bly and Pat, Chuck, Karen and Lee will both take a bag of 50 buttons
  1. Announcements
    1. Bill Elmore aka Mimi VanHorn’s memorial service on Friday August 1st at the 1st Metropolitan Community Church at 6:30pm-8:30pm
    2. Primetimers will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on August 16th
  2. Close @9:31pm
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