WPI 2 June 2014

  1. Convene/Agenda Approval
    1. Open @ 7:07pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
  2. Attendance
    1. In Attendance: Renee P, Jim M, Chuck S, Chelle B, Rollin D, Karen H, Evan S
    2. Excused: Pat M, Lee J, Junior S
    3. Unknown
  3. Open Session
    1. Guests: Martin W
      1. Email April about costs for the River Room and how much that would cost
    2. Non-Agenda Issues
  4. Previous Minutes
    1. No Corrections
  5. Old Business
    1. T-Shirts
      1. Waiting on Pat, t shirts are coming along for both Wigstock and Pride
      2. Changes made to Wigstock Logo, took Taquella Rose off the design
    2. Sound System
      1. Might have DJ Chuck working the sound system, asking how much for 6 hours
    3. Balance Report
      1. See Email
    4. Reports
      1. President
        1. State Farm
          1. Talked to Bridget Johnson, sounds like they are interested in doing a Silver Sponsorship Package
        2. City Paperwork
          1. Starting the city paperwork, and beginning to look into the insurance policies
        3. Vice President
          1. Nothing to report due to sickeness
        4. Treasurer
          1. Nothing to report
        5. Entertainment
          1. Still putting people into time blocks
          2. Having entertainers that are pulling out because of personal issues, and issues with the drag community
  • Do have queens ready for Wigstock
  1. Put in a call to Pax, balloon artist, to come back
  2. Have not heard from a Face Painter
  1. Communications
    1. Granite City will allow a fundraiser like Buffalo Wild Wings, if scheduled in June we get 20% of the Ticket, Chuck and Elle will run, Suggest the week of the 23rd
    2. Emailed Visitors Bureau, have got no response back from them
  • Emailed both Pandora and iHeart radio for advertisement blocks for Wichita and KC, Demographic of 20 to 45 range
  1. Still haven’t got a response from Abuelos or Chilis
  2. No response from Sidestreets
  3. Talked to Cargill, still have not received the check, 300 hamburger patties will be donated for the picnic
  • Tried Contacted both Rainbow Bread and Hostess, Rainbow said no, Hostess has not given a response
  • Miss Fantasy table made 25.00 at the pageant
  1. Sky personally donated her collection of Pride Buttons, looking on how to display them
  2. Idea for fundraiser, water balloon fight, maybe run with the Fantasy Cookout and Swim fundraiser
  1. Site Manager
    1. Nothing new to report
    2. Do have the poster for Women Without Pursues and Miss Pride Pageant done
  2. Webmaster
    1. Website is down, fixing that issue
  3. New Business
    1. No new Business
  4. Annoucements
    1. Kristi Parker will be speaking at the WPC monthtly meeting luncheon on June 4th at Larkspur Bistro and Bar
    2. Kidney walk June 23rd and Newman College @ 8am
    3. June 27th is National HIV/AIDS testing day @ Walgreens at Central and Hillside by Wesley Hospital
  5. Close @ 8:30pm