Meeting Minutes 3 Mar 14

Meeting Minutes 3 Mar 14

WPI 3 March 2014 Agenda

  1. Convene/Agenda Approval
    1. Open @ 7:10pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita Ks
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
    4. Attendance
      1. In Attendance: Renee P, Charles S, Patrick M, Rollin D, Johnny W, Karen H, Lee J, Evan S, Thomas W
      2. Excused: Lena B, Brent K, Jim M
      3. Unknown
      4. Open Session
        1. Guest
        2. Non-Agenda Issues
        3. Previous Minutes
          1. It is Rainbowrydrs not Rainbow Rydrs

Motion to approve Previous Minutes as amended Made by Renee Second by Lee Passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Sponsorship Packets

i.      Final copies are presented, pending Jackie’s Confirmation on the Church Service

ii.      Rain has the back cover, OCD Studios has the Inside Back Cover

  1. Mardi Gras

i.      Cost is 30.12 for Jambalaya

ii.      Vinyl Banner in the storage unit, for use for the photographs

iii.      Pride gets the tip money from contestants and money from photos

  1. Balance Report
    1. 2,700.75
    2. Outgoing  91.00 to Chuck, and bill from Liberty Press
    3. Reports
      1. President

i.      Contact April about the MAAIC

ii.      Talk to Brent about website about the website (org vs com)

  1. Vice President

i.      Nothing new to report

ii.      Got ahold of some volunteers for Pride

iii.      Talked to Kelly Little and gave the date of the Skate Party

  1. Treasurer

i.      Kansas Star Proposal still in the works

ii.      Emailed Jackie about worship service

iii.      Have not pursued insurance policies on whether we decide to get year round or just temporary insurance

iv.      TML has not been pursued

v.      Softball tournament has been put on hold

vi.      Follow up with AARP and Pine Valley Christian Church

  1. Entertainment

i.      Have a tentative Line Up for Sunday, Open to suggestions for the Block Party

ii.      Contacted Both Heart of America and Diversity

iii.      Contacted Stephanie Mott for Pride

iv.      Fire Spinners

  1. Communications

i.      FaceBook is set up as a personal profile,  not as a group, set up a public page instead of a personal page

  1. Site Manager

i.      Wigstock model needs to give permission for photograph to be used

ii.      Meet and Greet poster done for April 12th from 1 to 4pm

iii.      Skate Party and Picnic Poster finished

iv.      OJ Watson park is paid for

  1. Webmaster
  2. New Business
    1. Bylaws Committee, one person has agreed to serve. Pat, Renee, and Karen have agreed to serve
    2. Parade route is the same and cost is the same
    3. Announcements
      1. Liberty Press event is March the 7th @ 7:30pm at Botanical Gardens
      2. Close @ 8:43pm
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