Meeting Minutes 3 Feb 14

Meeting Minutes 3 Feb 14

WPI 3 February 2014 Minutes

  1. Convene/Agenda Approval
    1. Open @7:17pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
    4. Attendance
      1. In Attendance: Renee P, Lena B, Evan S, Chuck S, Jim M, Junior S, Johnny W, Pat M, Rollin D, Brent K
      2. Excused: Karen H, Lee J, Curtis I, Ben B, Thomas W
      3. Unknown
      4. Open Session
        1. Guests
        2. Non-Agenda Issues
        3. Previous Minutes
          1. Jim M needs to be listed as Excused
          2. Make sure all new rates in Motion to change vendor prices are listed before the old rates for continuity
          3. GAYLY, make changes throughout as necessary

Motion made to approve previous minutes made by Renee Second Pat

  1. Old Business
    1. MAAIC

i.      Damage Deposit is 300 dollars, Sedgwick County Health Dept must provide their own privacy tents and curtains. Complete Contract must be drawn up and they must have an understanding that we had to pay the deposit.

ii.      Volunteer should be inside the Buffalo Room the day of Pride so that we know what is going on at all times

iii.      Mark off where displays are so that we know where they are

iv.      Total Cost now sits 3,976.00

v.      Open a dialog with Kim Newfelt and the Health Coalition about use of the Buffalo Room

Motion that Wichita Pride Inc rent the MAAIC for Pride 2014 at the total cost of 3,967.00 including the Buffalo Room for use on Sunday and Damage Deposit Made by Pat second by Renee Passes

  1. Sponsorship Packets

i.      Need to change political from 100 to 80

ii.      Double Sized Booth needs to be added in

iii.      Need to Clarify TML requirements

iv.      Put link to TMLs into the Packet

v.      Tentative Print of 200

  1. Parade

i.      Should not cost Wichita Pride any more money

ii.      Parade Permit should be pulled on the 12th

  1. Balance Report
    1. 2,826.27 in the bank after paying the storage bill
    2. No outstanding bills
    3. Secretary of State and permits coming up
    4. Deposit and Down Payment coming for the MAAIC
    5. Reports
      1. President

i.      Talk With Connie Clark

  1. Appointment being made to clarify Insurance, Community Events, and Fire Inspector

ii.      Talk with O’Brien

  1. Should stay under budget as long as the Parade route stays the same
  2. Email Thomas Witt that the Parade Route will stay the same
  3. Vice President

i.      Nothing new to report

  1. Treasurer

i.      Have not met about St. Patrick fundraiser

ii.      Email From Inter Pride regarding vendor insurance

iii.      February 12th will be meeting with Kansas Star Casino regarding grant

iv.      Free outside consulting is moving forward, will be setting up a time for us to meet up and discuss

  1. Entertainment

i.      Nothing new to report

  1. Communications

i.      Spoke with Taquella Rose, will meet this week regarding Mardi Gras Event, only stipulation is that we do not interfere with drag show that night

  1. Considering Cajun Jambalaya for the food, and photo booth with Bourbon Street back drop. Food will be 5 bucks a bowl, photos will be 5 bucks per photo
  2. Skirt contest is in the works
  3. Quarter Page tentative, talking about Half Page to include both Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day

ii.      Nothing in Communications Email, was cleaned out

  1. Site Manager

i.      AD cards to fill out for Pride Guide as to what size of ad they want

  1. Keeps track of who is putting AD in Pride Guide
  2. Needs Clarification on if people need help designing an AD
  3. Everyone can hand out cards

ii.      We Have Watson Park for the Picnic

  1. Webmaster

i.      Updated Notes sections

ii.      Forwarded links for TMLs

  1. New Business
    1. Voting for Pride Art Work

i.      Mardi Gras Mask with Ribbons minus ribbons has the vote

  1. Should be used on all official Pride advertisement such as posters, Pride Guide, buttons, and t-shirts
  2. Exception is individual event posters such as party bus, skating party, block party, etc
  3. Announcements
    1. February 25th Equality Kansas Lobby Day in Topeka @ Capitol Hill
    2. Close @9:21pm
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