Meeting Notes 13 Jan 14

Meeting Notes 13 Jan 14

WPI 13 January 2014 Agenda

  1. Convene/Agenda Approval
    1. Open @ 7:08pm
    2. The Center: 800 N Market, Wichita KS
    3. Steering Committee Meeting
    4. Attendance
      1. In Attendance: Evan S, Karen H, Lee J, Johnny W, Junior S, Rollin D, Betty V, Chuck S, Jim M
      2. Excused: Brent K, Renee P, Lena B, Curtis I, Ben B, Pat M, CJ T
      3. Unknown
      4. Open Session
        1. Guests
        2. Non-Agenda Issues
        3. Previous Minutes
          1. 16 December 2013

i.      WOOLF Chili Feed at Js Lounge

Motion to approve minutes with corrections made by Lee Second Betty Passes

  1. Old Business
    1. Fundraisers

i.      Football/Feed Your Fury

  1. 179.00 dollars  known, however this does not include credit card receipts

ii.      Karaoke/Ideas for February

  1. Nothing new to report
  2. Look at another date for the event
  3. Look at Mardi Gras theme for the fundraiser, Potentially two fundraisers in March with St. Patrick’s Day

iii.      Artwork For Pride

  1. No Other Artwork for Color Me Pride have been received, will do another push on both Facebook and the Website
  2. Sponsor Guide

i.      Chuck has put together a new sponsor guide, easier to read,  and nicer

ii.      There are 4 pages to the Sponsorship Guide

iii.      Renee needs to put pages of the previous sponsors into the Guide

  1. Balance Report
    1. No Balance report
    2. Reports
      1. President

i.      Meeting with Director of MAAIC on Tuesday

  1. Need to discuss security needs
  2. Vice President

i.      Been Sick, nothing new to report

  1. Treasurer

i.      Nothing new to report

  1. Entertainment

i.      Nothing new to report

  1. Communications

i.      Nothing new to report

  1. Site Manager

i.      Found some new entertainment, reported it to Karen for Pride 2014

ii.      Talking how to create a bidding sheet for the DJ and Sound

iii.      September 27th and 28th is the Pride, 20th and 21st is for the Picnic and Skate Party

iv.      Party bus on the 26th

v.      Wigstock on September 22nd

vi.      Bowling on September 19th

  1. Webmaster

i.      Added National News option with pics and links to White House Info as requested by Communications Dir

ii.      Updated info on Theme Art Search

iii.      Corrected Notes section so it is up to date

iv.      Changed Site Manager email to Chuck Spady

v.      Added “Feed Fury” artwork

vi.      Averages

  1. Views fluctuate between 20 and 40 per day
  2. Peaks on the Weekends, Starting Friday and ending Monday
  3. Home Page, Sponsors, and Events most popular search
  4. Most Common link to website, Facebook: 350 last month
  5. Second most popular is WSU That Gay Group 19 last month
  6. New Business
    1. Bylaws Committee

Motion made to reinstate Bylaw Committee and reinstate Thomas Witt as the Chair, Made by Lee, Second by Chuck, Passes

  1. Announcements
    1. Dan Henderson Memorial on Saturday 18th at Cross Roads Memorial Church
    2. Close @ 8:16pm
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