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The 2017 Wichita Pride Festival is in need of volunteers to come help with this years event. If you want more information about working at the Pride Festival, please feel free to contact Jash at 316-300-3295 or at volunteer@wichitapride.org.

To apply as a volunteer please fill out the Wichita Pride Volunteer Application Form below.

Wichita Pride Volunteer Guidelines

  1. Always remember that when you are working for WPI, you are a representative of the group and its ideals. In many cases you will be the first contact that some people will have with WPI. You must always present a positive image of WPI.
  2. Your appearance is important. Always look your best when representing WPI. Please always be clean and wearing clean clothes, this includes ball caps. Since most of our events occur in the summer months, deodorant is a must.
  3. Collared shirts are preferred but not mandatory. No ripped, dirty or see-through t-shirts or tank tops will be allowed. No shirts with obscene language or imagery will be allowed. No alcohol, tobacco or drug imagery or advertising on t-shirts will be allowed.
  4. No smoking, dipping or chewing tobacco while you are working. If you are a tobacco user, please take a break in appropriate designated areas.
  5. No consuming alcoholic beverages while you are representing WPI in any capacity.
  6. No profanity. Please watch your language and remember that many of our events are family oriented and it is likely that children will be in the area.
  7. When arriving at an event, please make contact with the Volunteer Director immediately so you can get your assignment for the event.
  8. Follow the directions of the Volunteer Director or Director you are assigned to assist. Do not leave your assignment without notifying the Volunteer Director or Director you are assisting, unless it is an emergency.
  9. If you are assigned to assist with an activity that requires you to handle or collect money you will be reporting directly to the Treasurer of WPI. If you are given merchandise (Buttons, shirts, tickets, etc.) to sell the amount you are given will be recorded and you will be responsible for returning all unsold merchandise or the equivalent amount of money for the merchandise sold. You are fully responsible for any merchandise issued to you and money you collect.
  10. Smile. Have fun. Be helpful. If someone ask you a question you do not know the answer to, find someone who does know. There will always be Directors in the area that can assist you.
  11. In the event of a protest at an event; DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM. Notify a Director immediately and they will handle the situation.

Wichita Pride Volunteer Application Form

  • By submitting this form I hereby give my consent to contact my references; to contact my employers, past and present; and to conduct a background check.
  • Section 1 - Contact Info

  • Section 2 - Experience

  • past occupation if retired
  • such as education, general interests/hobbies
  • Section 3 - Background Information

  • Section 4 - References

    Please list three persons we may call who are NOT family, one of whom may be your religious or spiritual leader, teacher, employer or relationship other than personal friend.
  • By submitting this form I hereby give my consent to contact my references; to contact my employers, past and present; and to conduct a background check.